Jun 7–Jul 27, 2024

Eineinszwei Feuerwehrarchitektur

Gaus Architekten
Ludwigstraße 73, 70176 Stuttgart
Mon-Sat 11 am-7 pm

Good architecture is not a coincidence - it follows the rules of aesthetics and function. Infrastructure buildings such as fire stations are always designed for emergency situations, but at the same time they are an important urban and social part of their environment. In the exhibition “eineinszwei” Gaus architects show what it means to develop functioning and contemporary fire stations and thus create added value for society and building culture.

Infrastructure buildings such as fire stations all too often lead a kind of shadowy existence in urban development considerations, where chic office buildings, concert halls or neighborhood residential developments push themselves into the foreground of attention. However, if in doubt, you don't want to miss them, because the fire department offers security in the event of fires and other dangers when quick help is needed on site. In order to ensure this, fire stations must be located as close to or even in the city and therefore be integrated accordingly architecturally. What's more, fire departments are often a social meeting place in which many people volunteer and thus contribute to a functioning community in society.

The exhibition “eineinzwei – Feuerwehrarchitekturen” spans the socially important work of fire departments to the associated buildings, which are not just garages for cars and protective clothing, but also combine a variety of functions under one roof. Visitors to the exhibition gain a professional insight into the diverse design principles and functional regulations of fire brigade buildings, as practiced by Gaus Architekten from Göppingen. Numerous pictograms, photographs of fire stations and statements from the protagonists give an idea of what building such infrastructure structures means. The exhibition allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the fire service and life as a firefighter.

Gaus Architekten is a national and international architectural firm with headquarters in Göppingen and branches in Stuttgart, Kiel and Rotterdam. With a multicultural team of around 25 employees, they plan and implement new construction and conversion projects for public and private developers, develop feasibility studies and take part in a variety of competitions. The important basis of their work is the GNA, the design philosophy “Gaus Native Architecture”. Through Gaus Generalplaner GmbH, clients receive holistic project processing from a single source. Gaus Architekten specializes in buildings for education, social affairs, culture and sport – and of course fire departments.

Postponed opening Thursday, June 20, at 6:30 p.m.