Apr 11–Sep 8, 2024

In Graz gardens and courtyards

An exhibition as part of the annual theme “Stadt Natur”
Sackstraße 18, 08010 Graz
Wed–Mon 10 am–5 pm

Strolling through Graz carefully also means passing through different green spaces and catching glimpses of dense and less dense greenery. Front gardens, courtyards, home gardens and community gardens offer recreational space, space for growing biodiversity and for new or recurring concepts of urban cultivation. They can have a positive effect on the health and psyche of city residents and even influence their choice of means of transport.

The relevance of green spaces in urban structures was recognized as industrialization progressed in the 19th century. As part of the Graz urban expansion, green spaces are being incorporated into the urban space. The Graz front gardens and green inner courtyards are being created. These developments still have a positive impact on the city today. That is why many active citizens are currently working to preserve, protect and expand green spaces. However, the great demand for green spaces must compete with increasing surface sealing.

The urban green spaces serve as movement routes for the non-human residents in their networking. Diversely landscaped gardens and courtyards can help complete this network. By consciously perceiving and appreciating sensitive urban green spaces, city residents can relate to natural habitats on a local level. In the “Garden” cultural space you can experience the interaction between nature and people as well as help shape the dynamic “City” project and combat global climate change.

As part of the exhibition, the art installation “Waldboden” by Gabriela Hiti and Helene Thümmel is shown on the ground floor, which invites you to linger and question our ideas about nature.

Opening: 10.04.2024, 6 p.m.
Speakers: Günter Riegler (City Councilor for Culture), Sibylle Dienesch (Director Graz Museum), Catalin Betz (Curator)