May 25–Sep 8, 2024


Dietmar Feichtinger Architects
Rua Roberto Ivens 582, Matosinhos 4450-201
Mon–Fri 9 am–6 pm

Casa da Arquitectura is hosting the "Construir" exhibition by Dietmar Feichtinger Architects at the Luis Ferreira Alves Space. The exhibition opens on 25 May at 3pm with the presence of the architect and founder, Dietmar Feichtinger. The exhibition will run until 8 September 2024. Admission is free.
Comprising 13 project models and a panoramic view of the projects built and under study, the exhibition focuses on the work of the studio, founded in 1994, with offices in Paris and Vienna and a considerable track record of projects of the most varied types.

In the exhibition, "the studio emphasises the pleasure of building and pays tribute to all those involved in creating a work of architecture: the workers and craftsmen, the engineers, the clients and, of course, the architects themselves. The structure, which is the essential element of construction, characterises your projects. It creates unexpected and surprising opportunities. Its assembly on site is also part of the process. The studio's fascination with these key stages is clearly shown in the films and illustrations. This constructive approach is evident in the studio's work. Its buildings, bridges and walkways bear witness to this. The lightness and precision of the structure is a predominant element in the overall composition.

All the technical components are visible - the ventilation, water and electricity pipes - and become elements that organise the space. The meticulous attention to detail reflects the skill of the craftsmen, their expertise. The architectural language is direct and powerful: a raw, visible materiality makes the composition legible and softens the spaces. It facilitates future adaptations and favours reuse. Since its creation, the studio has been rigorous in its use of natural lighting and ventilation and in its search for energy efficiency. Lightness and transparency are everywhere."

After graduating with honours from the Technical University of Graz in 1988, architect Dietmar Feichtinger moved to Paris in 1989. In 1994, he founded Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, known for its diverse portfolio of architectural typologies and a methodology that emphasises a deep commitment to environmental and social considerations.

As well as teaching at various European universities, he was appointed professor at the Institute of Architecture and Design at the Technical University of Vienna in Austria in 2023. In 2014, he was also elected a permanent member of the Berlin Academy of Arts.