Jun 8–Aug 3, 2024

Simple Nature

Takayuki Bamba
Weyringergasse 27/i, 01040 Vienna
Sat 3–6 pm


I think humans can’t live apart from nature.

This exhibition is an attempt to explore how architecture can restore the relationship between humans and nature.

My works evoke the animal side of humans by integrating various elements such as usage, structure, materials, and harmony with the surrounding area through simple ideas.

Creating diversity while being simple or being able to be diverse.

I want to cherish such values.

A 3D-photo of an architectural work designed to look like a part of nature.

An installation made of washi paper that creates a venue to exhibit them.

The installation that creates the exhibition space is made of 2.3m high and 30m long pieces of Japanese paper that are softly curved and joint at key points to create a self-supporting structure.

I want you to experience a new relationship between humans and the environment.

- Takayuki Bamba


Panel Discussion: 11.06.2024, 19 Uhr
Speakers: Takayuki & Guests