Jun 6–Sep 8, 2024

Iwan Baan

Moments in Architecture
C/ Zorrilla, 3, 28014 Madrid
Mon–Sat 11 am–8 pm, Sun 10 am–2 pm

Iwan Baan (Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1975) is one of the most famous contemporary photographers of architecture and the built environment in the world. His images document the growth of global megalopolises, explore traditional and informal housing and portray the buildings of the most renowned contemporary architects, including Herzog & de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, SANAA and Zaha Hadid.

Since its invention, photography has profoundly influenced the way we perceive the built environment. In the unprecedented torrent of architectural images of the last 20 years, Iwan Baan has decisively influenced the way buildings are seen through photography. The vibrant realism of his work focuses on people and their relationship with their environment. Whether in the vast suburbs or the dynamic metropolises of Africa, America and Asia, Iwan Baan presents architecture not as an abstract ideal, but as the stage in which daily life takes place and as an organic part of the urban fabric.

Moments in Architecture invites us to explore the immense variety of spaces built by humans captured by Iwan Baan's camera and to learn about the personal stories that he himself tells us in the texts that accompany his images.

Opening on Thursday, June 6th at 6:00 p.m.