Stone Voids

Xu Tiantian, DnA_Design and Architecture
7 rue Ferrère, 33000 Bordeaux
Tue+Thu–Sun 11 am–18, Wed 11 am–8 pm

The career of Xu Tiantian, founder of the DNA office, based in Beijing, is characterized by particular attention paid to the reuse of existing heritage, to the communities with which she works – often in rural areas – and to the sustainability of her projects . The quality and scope of her work have already earned her the recognition of a large number of institutions.

The Empty Stones exhibition features one of her latest projects: the conversion of a disused underground quarry near the city of Taizhou in eastern China. The project aims to breathe new life into this enormous void by infusing it with a multiplicity of public activities. Drawings, models, photographs and videos will help to understand the project, while forging links with the local context. Indeed, despite the distance between China and France, the challenges of reconverting disused industrial heritage are the same. This question is all the more relevant in Gironde, a department which has a large number of underground quarries.