Happy Together

Living differently in Denmark
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Father, mother, child, child. That is still what people are building for, even though there are currently 37 registered family types.
In Denmark, however, new ideas are being thought about and new forms of housing are being experimented with intensively - forms of housing that also enable new types of communities. For patchwork families. For single parents. For seniors. Or for nuclear families.
This often means fewer square meters per person - but more space for community and better used resources. A necessary development in the building sector, which causes more than a third of our CO2 emissions.

In the exhibition HAPPY TOGETHER. Living differently in Denmark, we are showing seven groundbreaking Danish architectural projects that all have one thing in common: new communities.
Although loneliness is widespread and many families would like to share much more, the idea of ​​new, communal forms of housing still takes some getting used to for many.
Danish architects, however, show how diversely community and sustainability can be combined. Whether in a wooden apartment building for several generations. In apartments for single parents. Or in a farm converted into a shared apartment. All with lots of opportunities for sharing, but still with space for private things. This is not only future-oriented, but also contemporary: for the limited space in cities and for the limited resources of the earth. And for the variety of families that exist today.

An exhibition by the Royal Danish Embassy, ​​with the kind support of the Danish Ministry of Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation & the Dreyers Fond.

Opening: Tuesday, July 16, 6:30 p.m.
with Elisabeth Kaiser, parliamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Construction