The hospital

How architecture helps heal
Marktstrasse 33, 06850 Dornbirn
Tue–Fri 2–5 pm, Thu 2–8 pm

Hospital construction as an architectural type has a long and complex history of development, driven by rapid medical advances. In the 20th century, the factors of efficiency, economy and flexibility increasingly dominated planning and design. Clinics mutated into high-tech machines. The essential needs and feelings of patients, their relatives and the people who work in the hospital were pushed into the background and the resulting psychosocial consequences are serious.

The approaches of "healing architecture" that originated in North America and have also been successfully adapted in Europe have been promoting the debate for several years about reforming hospital construction, putting people back at the center of design and planning and demanding health-effective architecture (evidence-based design).

The exhibition "The hospital. How architecture helps heal" aims to be an impetus and inspiration for this rethinking.