Holzbaupreis RLP 2024

Im Brückenturm Rheinstraße 55, 55116 Mainz
Wed–Fri 2–6 pm

The Rhineland-Palatinate Timber Construction Prize recognizes outstanding, completed buildings that are predominantly made of wood and wood-based materials. The aim is to promote the use and further development of the resource-saving and sustainable building material wood. The buildings and building complexes should represent a forward-looking overall concept.

The Timber Construction Prize is awarded for: New buildings, including individual buildings, groups of buildings or engineering structures; Building in existing buildings, e.g. extensions, conversions, additions and renovations. In addition, a special Flood 2021 Prize was awarded this year: In 2021, large parts of northern Rhineland-Palatinate were hit by a devastating flood that cost many people their lives and caused enormous material damage. Countless historic and modern timber buildings were also badly damaged, many of which were saved with unprecedented commitment. This commitment is to be recognized as part of the Timber Construction Prize.

Opening on Tuesday, July 2nd at 6:00 p.m.


Edda Kurz, architect, Vice President of the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate

Katrin Eder, Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy and Mobility Rhineland-Palatinate

Dr. Gerd Loskant, Chairman of the State Advisory Board for Wood Rhineland-Palatinate e.V.

Award ceremony
Edda Kurz | Report from the jury

Introduction & Moderation
Annette Müller, General Manager of the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate